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Oopsie daisies


Piggy’s archetype is represented by intelligence, logic, and order the lightbulb shows how he was the creator for many important things used of the island and he is referring to his aunt often as if he was the female example.

Piggy’s asthma made him very weak and less useful from the beginning being a thing the boys mocked him for like when Ralph said,” Sucks to your ass-mar!”

Piggy died a gruesome death when Roger pushed the rock onto him, it was also significant that Piggy died and not one of the more random boys because he was an important part of the island.

When Piggy’s glasses break is represents the helplessness of Ralph’s group increasing and then becoming smaller and les of a threat to Jack’s tribe.

Throughout the adventures on the island Piggy and Ralph’s main concern was almost always keeping the fire going and staying consistent so they could get rescued sooner. Which is ironic because theirs went out and the more chaotic one got them saved.

When he first arrived at the island Piggy said he didn’t want to be singled out for his weight like he was at home but then he was immediately being called Piggy and being made fun of by the other boys.