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Vacation guide

Ceci est un travail d'anglais de 6e année du primaire (Un paquet d'idée).

Where willlife take you?

My vacationsat Vancouver!

Who, Why, What, Where


I am gonna stay at Vancouver for 14 days (2 weeks) and take a well rated hotel to sleep. I will take a plane to go there and rent a car to visit the city.

What i will take

First i will take lot of clothes because i stay there for 2 weeks, then i take my phone for pretty much anything, i take my electric suitcase to take what i need and i take a lot of money to buy somethings!

Where do i go

I will go at the beach probably 6 times, i will go to the aquarium, parks and visit the city.

Where do sleep

I am gonna sleep at Fairmont Pacific Rim which is a 5-stars hotel.

The movement

ITo go at Vancouver i will take a Air Transat plane in economy class and rent a Tesla to drive in the city. I will also take an electric suitcase for the airport and to go back at home still Air Transat economy class

J'ai déjà été a Vancouver !

Why Vancover

I wanna go at vancouver to explore the canada even more! (and for my english project)