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the witch from snow white














grimilde after drinking the potion

grimilde before drinking the potion

versions of the witch in the story

Characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder are the presentation of grandiosity, the thirst for admiration and the absence of empathy. These attitudes permeate many aspects of the lives of people with narcissistic personality disorder.These people, just like Grimilde, are vain, reject criticism and need constant attention and admiration; have a fundamental deficit in the ability to regulate self-esteem or an excessive dependence on the admiration of others.The course of the disorder is chronic, and aging is often poorly tolerated.

Narcissistic personality disorder

It is characterized by excessive worry about the presence of something wrong with the shape or appearance of a part of one's body.Patients often turn to the plastic surgeon to correct the alleged defects, always remaining disappointed with the results. They may present rituals such as seeking reassurance, checking physical appearance in the mirror or trying to hide supposed defects, limiting social contacts.

Body dysmorphic disorder


This thesis is explained by Mitchell Stephens, professor of television history at New York University, according to whom not only the name of Snow White hides the reference to white powder but also those of the dwarves refer to the use of drugs.


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