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My Exchange Year

Lara Girotti, IIS Archimede


New lifestyleNew habitsNew rythms New culture New language New people

My family

Cultural exchange

A different idea of meals and food

The food culture

The traditional Christmas picture

Thanksgiving was born as a celebration of the harvast and the blessings of the previous year.The turkey is usually the main dish of a Thanksgiving dinner and this is because turkey is a bird big enough to feed an entire family, they are also quite cheap and not useful for anything else other than their meat.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

My school: Douglas County High School

Term 2IB Physics SLAlgebra II and TrigonometryChemistryJournalism Nutrition and WellnessUS History Since 1945

Term 1:IB Physics SLAlgebra II and TrigonometryAmerican LiteratureChemistryTheater US History 1865-1945

My classes

IB Physics

School spirit

Basketball rivarly game

Football on friday nights

Sports in an American high school

Senior night

Fall sport: volleyball

Spring sport: tennis

Make-A-Wish: worldwide foundation that raises money to grant wishes of children with critical diseases

School and community: Wish Week

Homecoming and Prom

School dances: a typical american tradition

The end of a long school journey


EF Welcome days

<-Other exchange students at DC and international cultures day

Different cultures

Around the United States

  • Personal growth
  • Padronance of English
  • Ability to adjust to different circumstances
  • Cultural awarness
  • Open mindness

What does an exchange year give you?

Bryce Canyon

Yellowstone National Park

Island in the sky Delicate Arch Double Arch


Devil's Tower

Castle Rock

Grand Canyon


Monument Valley

Rocky Mountains

New York and Ellis Island

Red Rocks

Adobe houses

Santa Fe