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Film Industry Revision

Shang-Chi, Snow white and disney

BBC Bitesize intro

Before we think about the films, let's remind ourselves of the way the film industry functions. Click on the BBC Bitesize Intro.

key termS you should know and use in any answer

Whatever the question is, there are key terms that you will be expected to understand and use when discussing the way films Snow White and Shang-Chi were produced, distributed and exhibited. Access the quiz on the left to remind yourself of some of these terms.

key termS you should know and use in any answer

The Kahoot quiz reminded you of two key terms...Horizontal Integration and Vertical Integration. If you find it difficult to remember the difference between the two, let Mrs. Fisher remind you.You should be using them to describe Disney. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO EXPLORE HOW DISNEY IS BOTH VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY INTEGRATED. Just look at what they own!!!!!!!!!

Shang-Chi and Snow white








Now access the fact sheet for the two films. Consider the differences in production, distribution and exhibition. I've broken it up into bitesize sections

key termS you should know and use in any answer

Another key term you should use and be able to define, particularly when discussing Shang-Chi especially is...TENT POLE MOVIE.Watch the video to get a simple definition.

More key terms you should know and use in any answer

If you've not done so well at remembering the key terms of this topic so far, here's another chance to test yourself on the key terms you should know about and use in any answer for this unit.

mrs. fisher's revision summary

A nice, concise breakdown of the key areas of industry revision for Snow White (1937) that you can compare to Shang-Chi


Sample question


Before you have a go at the question, have a read of these answers to a similar question

Possible structure

1. Intro... what is Disney today? How are they structured and why?2. How have they changed compared to when Snow White was produced?

3. Main Para 1... What kind of film is Shang-Chi?Why do they make this kind of film?Who do they make this film for?How do Disney ensure this film reaches this target audience? (this is where you can reference marketing devices and the design of them)

4. Main Para 2... Discuss other methods that ensure the product reaches global audiences and then ensures they keep them.

5. Conclusion... in what way has this developed from the way Snow White was produced, distributed and exhibited.

Crib Sheet info

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