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What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers to "see" the real world in a similar way to how the human eye perceives it. It allows computers to interpret and understand images and videos.

Computer vision needs a lot of data. It runs data analyzes over and over again until it distinguishes and recognizes the images. For example, to train a computer to recognize car tires, you need to feed it a large amount of images of tires and tire-related elements to learn the differences and recognize a tire, especially one without defects.

How does computer vision work?


Computer vision was born in the 1950s by studying human vision and creating systems to process images. Initially simple shapes were recognised, then thanks to artificial intelligence and large data sets such as ImageNet, computers became increasingly able to "see" the world, paving the way for new applications.


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Positive PerspectivesContinued growth and improvements in the field of AI and computer vision.

Challenges to Face Ensuring ethics and privacy in popular computer vision applications

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