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The ConvEx technology provides a new, quick and easy way for any engineer to:1. Extract effective permeability, assess well clean-up, detect production problems, without the need for special expertise or a specialist PTA/RTA/PDA software2. Maximise production, removing the need for long PBU tests.3. Analyse interference between wells with the unique multi-well deconvolution 4. Perform reservoir simulation in few seconds, based on regions drawn on a seismic structural map, to assess fault transmissibility and connected volumes. More info here.5. Forecast performance for oil&gas, geothermal and carbon storage.


ConvEx well and reservoir technology

Assess (fracture) clean-up, drainage area and detect production problems.

Analyze and match years of production in a few minutes to track properties and volumes


Big data interactive solution

ConVEX TO the rescue

Which Fault is sealing?Are the wells compartmentalized?

Integrate the dynamic flow data into the seismic information, quickly test different scenarios and reduce the time-consuming steps to history match the simulation model


'Calibrate' the seismic, detecting sealing faults

Water Injector


Could we see if the fault away from the injector is sealing during the rig clean-up?


Check for compartmentalization during clean-up

Same response

Reservoir response

The same result was achieved with short PBU tests, thanks to ConvEx.

The company designed an extended well test with a 2-month shut-in to investigate connectivity. However this put some strain on its production target.


2-month shut-in


ConvEx turns short shut-ins and BHP pressure surveys into a long reservoir response


Remove the need for long or frequent PBU tests

Same response

Reservoir response

The same reservoir response is achieved with fewer and shorter PBUs, including bottom-hole surveys, thanks to ConvEx.

A company decided to reduce cost, by not installing permanent downhole gauges in their production wells.

Two 12-hr PBU w/memory gauge

Continuous pressure reading

ConvEx turns short shut-ins and BHP pressure surveys into a long reservoir response


Memory vs permanent downhole gauges


Perform sensitivities based on different reservoir parameters and drainage areas

Forecast of well/reservoir performance

bottom-hole pressure

Average reservoir pressure



Forecast behavior if the depleted reservoir is operated as a gas storage


Gas / Carbon / Hydrogen Storage

DST, Production, Injection, Unconventionals, Geothermal

USA- Unconventionals

Ireland- Corrib

UK- Breagh, Laggan, Tormore

Israel- Tamar (SPE-195441)

UAE- Mahani

Norway- Grosbeak, Martin Linge, Nova

CDI- Kossipo

Nigeria- Akpo

Kuwait- SUK, KM, RK, UR


GOM- Jack. Bog foot, Gunflint


Guyana- Liza


Initial ConvEx Success Stories


Our Subterranea Team

Tung Dao

Tung has led the development of complex software products across multiple domains for major oil & gas companies. He is now leading the effort to modernize the company’s software using cutting-edge computing technology.

Nico Rossi

Nico worked in BP in different roles from completion to reservoir engineer and provided technical support for all the BP well testing projects. He then became a well test advisor for various companies in the North Sea and the Middle East.

Michael M. Levitan, PhD

Michael authored multiple ground breaking papers on pressure transient analysis. Based on his 40+ years expertise in SOHIO and BP, he developed a unique dynamic reservoir analysis method, which he implemented in the ConvEx software.



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The actual data in red deviated from the simulation in black, showing that the fault does not have an impact on the flow dynamic behavior. The boundary needs to be pushed further south.

A unique multi-well and multi-layer simulator based on Boundary Element Technique that was initially developed in Stanford university. It does not use areal gridding inside of reservoir domain nor time gridding. It is based on a combination of analytical and numerical techniques/algorithms and as a result it is very fast, accurate, and on top of all this, interactive.