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Titanic memorial

📌Washington DC


History of the monument

The event

History of the monument

This memorial was made in 1931 and is located in Washington , D.C.It was created by a committee of women to honor the men who gave their life to save the women and children who were on the boat.


The event : What happened ?

On April 15, the Titanic, a luxury steamsheap sank after sideswiping an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic.The boat sank on it's maiden voyage ( it's first trip ).

How many people was there on the boat?

How many were kiled?


The memorial is a statue made of granit with a phrase written at it's feet to comemorate the men from all classes who gave their lives for the women and children.

the back

the front

the top of the statue

The top of the statue

The man on the statue is represented with outstretched arms, looking up to the sky.His steady posture and his unafraid face symbolise the courage of the men's sacrifice and honor them.


What do we whink about this statue?

Malou LambertIsild LautreyMathilda Gaudin-Clottes


This was the numer of people who were traveling on the boat.


  • ≈ 1,316 passengers
  • ≈ 889 members of crew

Around 1500 people were kiled that night.

  • 76% of the crew members died
  • 75% of the Third class died
  • 25% of the women died
  • 82% of the men
  • 48% of children died

There wasn't enought boats to save everyone.

We think it's a good way to represent all of the person who died in the tragic incident and how it helps prevent other maritim and techological tragedy from happenig. It also shows that we need to be carefull with what we product and make sure there is no risks or that there are ways to secure people before using important technology.We also think that the creators of the memorial could have mention the rest of the people who died and the fact that it was mostly third class who had to stay on the boat.