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Lucy stone childhood

Lucy stone was born on August 13th 1818 with the parents Francis stone and hannah mathews. She grew up on a farm where her father was a farmer and lawyer. Her religion was hicksite Quaker , she went to oberlin college and graduated in 1847 and she was the first massachusetts women to earn a college degree.

" A few disapponted women" is one of her most famous speeches

" I belive that the influence of women will save the country before every other power."

After graduating college she joined the anti slavery act as a paid agent. soon after she became a advocate for the womens rights act .she worked with : elizebeth cady stanton , susan b, anthony , and Julia ward howe



She sadly died on Octorber 18 1893 but she made a big impact on the world and the future

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

By Madelynn Fisher


She was born on November 12, 1815 in New York, Johnstown. her mom was Margret Livingston Cady and her dad was Daniel Cady, and she had 10 siblings. Her dad had many jobs but was also the owner of all slaves

Cady Stanton


Johson Academy


Early life

Emma Willard Highscool

She went to school at Emma Willard Highscool from 1830-1832. She graduated in 1832 and then went to Johnson Academy.

Her childhood was exposed to prominent intellectual figuresof time, and she was very limited because she was a women.

She had seven children

She married once in 1840 and she married Henrey Stanton

Children and partners

She was a writer and an activist, and she is most known for founding the Womens suffrage rights. She was the leader in the Womens rights movement, and she fought so women and slaves could have equal rights.

Being an activist




Julia Ward


Susan b

Who she worked with

Who she was inspired by

She was inspired by Fredreck Douglass, William Loyd Garrison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, and Theodore Parker.

Sadly she died on October 26, 1902 in New York, and she died 18 years before women got the right to vote.


"The best protection any woman can have is courage


They founded the WSA togther, and later worked togther for many years.

Working Togther

working together

Lucy stone first meet Elizebeth cady stanton in 1850 when they soon founded the womens suffrage assositation (WSA) with susan b anthony. They then worked together for many years.


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