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Public Relations & Social MediaProposal

Award Winning AgencyIn 2023, Fusion placed first (Gold) in the industry’s leading award organization, Bulldog Reporter, for Best Technology Program, outshining more than 20,000 entries from around the globe. It was won on the success of the campaign for positioning ZeroEyes as the leading AI gun detection company. Fusion supports nearly every marketing facet from messaging, positioning, strategy, media relations, customer advocacy, lobbying efforts, social media and more. The PR component of this program reached nearly every major national broadcast news station, talk show, investigative media, top tier and trade publication. We also won best tech program for two other key industry awards. Technical Know-HowFusion’s team comprises those with tech backgrounds, such as electrical engineering and software development, as well as journalists and tech PR/marketers. This gives us a unique advantage in understanding and leveraging the landscape/ technology in messaging, story discovery/crafting, and engaging the media. Team Structure Fusion leads accounts top-down. The people that drive the programs, develop content, and interface with the media are highly seasoned and experienced individuals. Commitment to Excellence Our entire fabric is dedicated to quality in our work and going beyond the call of duty to be successful. We do this by single-mindedly focusing on the task, never taking a no from the press as the final word, and thinking creatively until achieving success.

About Fusion PR

Fusion Public Relations is one of the world’s most progressive, independent public relations and social communications firms, focusing on servicing clients within the greater technology ecosystem.

Some examples of our close relationships include: TechCrunch: Jacquelyn MelinekBloomberg: Yueqi YangCoinDesk/CoinDesk TV: Danny Nelson, Lyllah Ledesma, Shaurya Malwa, Christine LeeCointelegraph: Helen PartzThe Block: Tim Copeland, Vishal ChawlaDecrypt: Andrew HaywardDL News: Sebastian SinclairCryptoNews: Shalini Nagarajan, Sead Fadilpasic

Our deep work in blockchain and crypto keeps us in contact with the top journalists and analysts in the field. Our approach of being creative and innovative with stories and ideas has brought us respect and admiration from the media.

Vast Relationships with Media

Team Client ExamplesBitfinex/Tether (Exchange/Stablecoin)Coinbase (Exchange)Aave Protocol (Open Source Liquidity Protocol)Fireblocks (Digital Asset Management Platform)Jump CryptoSolana (Layer-1 Blockchain)Biconomy (Web3)Fetch.ai (DeFi/AI)SKALE (Blockchain Network)LoanSnap (Mortgage NFT)Phantom (Wallet)

Fusion Client ExamplesAegis Custody (Qualified Custodian)Apifiny (Multi-Exchange Trading Platform)Blocksafe (Crypto Cyber Protection)Chain Reaction (Bitcoin Mining Tech)Solana (Layer-1 Blockchain)Dragon (Among Largest ICOs; $400M)Node40 (Crypto Accounting)Paxful (Wallet/DeFi)Roxe (Digital Financial Infrastrcuture) Spotstar (Token-based Artist Voting)Hashchain Technologies (Ethereum Mining Farm) Cellebrite (Crypto Fraud Investigations) Eurion Capital (Real Estate Token)

Fusion PR and its team have an incredible list of clients across crypto and blockchain. Examples include Layer-1 blockchains, exchanges, wallets, custodians, liquidity aggregators, DeFi players and more. We have represented hundreds of clients ranging from startups to large tech companies, and have helped many of our clients exit to a combined valuation of more than $18B.

Clients & Success

Magpie Protocol is poised for a significant leap with its upcoming token launch in April, presenting a prime opportunity to boost personal and team brand awareness. The PR strategy focuses on showcasing the faces behind the project, connecting with the end users. To capitalize on this, a multi-faceted approach is essential. Through a targeted 'rolling thunder' campaign, the aim is to elevate Magpie's profile by intertwining the executive team's narratives with the brand, ensuring it stands out in the crowded market. This approach will not only bring awareness to the token launch but also establish the team as credible thought leaders in the industry.

Beyond press releases, we will ride big topics and launch creative campaigns that break through the noise and land interest and coverage from media.

Interactive Media Approach

Strategic Overview

Newsjacking relevant stories and offering commentary

  • Mine news & trends as inspiration for provocative industry discussions
  • Proactive theme creation to engage media, drive content and fuel socials.

Build credibility through thought leadership

  • elevate executive profiles through media commentary, speaking opportunities, op-eds, podcasts, awards

Highlighting exclusive company updates




  • Press releases, TOKEN Updates, interviews
  • Highlight Magpie's impact through customers, partners & influencers

The Case for Unified DeFi Liquidity

Navigating the Maze

The DeFi sector is confronted with the challenge of liquidity fragmentation across myriad chains and platforms. This is where a unified liquidity solution that defies the current DeFi landscape's scattered state comes in. This pitch dives into the necessity of aggregating liquidity for fostering a more cohesive DeFi ecosystem, arguing that Magpie's approach not only simplifies user experience but also amplifies market resilience against volatility.

The DeFi space, filled with DEXs, bridges, and dApps, often seems like a maze, keeping newcomers away with its complexity. There needs to be a guide in this maze, offering a streamlined path to asset swapping across chains. This pitch will center around the simplification of DeFi access as a critical step towards democratizing finance.

Theme Ideas


Situation: DragonCoin sought to disrupt the high-roller casino business where it’s not unusual to pay fees in the $millions just to get to the table. The company set out to issue various levels of tokens for use before, during and after betting. Strategy: We leveraged a real and tangible (understandable) business application, in a sea of crypto hype, to help build the ICO, establish leadership profiles in the media and on social. Results: Helped raise nearly a half-billion dollars. Led the program with exposure on CNBC, US News, CNN, and many other top publications. Ran 24x7 social program in supporting the raise.

Case Studies


Situation: Music competitions have always been unfair in the selection and voting process, and unfair in that even winners most often are not given very much for their time and effort. The SpotStar concept was to bring music competition to the people, who could nominate any artist, including local and unknown musicians, and vote for them. Voters would pay a sum in tokens, and by doing so, we were able to distribute ‘appreciation’ money for ‘digital street musicians’ and award much larger sums to competition winners. Strategy: SpotStar was a Fusion client, but Fusion’s CEO was also a partner, and was part of the white paper, token raise, airdrop and execution on the plan. A main strategy was to partner with RedOne, one of the most prominent music producers in the industry responsible for producing music for A-listers like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias. We also took to the music and crypto media to send the message the music competition needs to be objective, worldwide and fair for the artists. Results: We reached media across blockchain, music and national helping to build visibility for the company.

Case Studies


Situation: Pre-2020 blockchains were also agonizingly slow, and their utility was questioned. In arrives Solana, the first to apply a proof-of-history approach to an enterprise-grade blockchain designed for mission critical apps. Strategy: Initially focus on the testnet and development community and slowly build into the larger universe as audience as proof of concept was achieved. Establish and educate the world on blockchain value, integrity and opportunity as a breakthrough from crypto. Results: Ushered Solana in as the premier enterprise-grade blockchain of our time. Fusion's blockchain team also led Solana's partnership programs, drafting and leading media outreach for all companies working with Solana, as well as its NFT infrastructure platform Metaplex. The team also led media interactions at Solana's Breakpoint conference, including registration, media list, ushered talent and staffed interviews with top tier journalists.

Case Studies


Situation: Exchanges are diverse and plentiful but Apifiny is an exchange of exchanges, connected to 30 others and providing liquidity and visibility to institutional investors. We needed to quickly take them through a SPAC and gain traction to build credibility. Additionally, some factors created a serious crisis situation which needed to managed. Strategy: Carefully positioned the company to thread a needle relative to the crisis situation (confidential) and leveraged strong relationships with the blockchain and business press to roll out the company to major coverage. Results: Successfully positioned in top media including Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, as well as countless crypto trades. Successfully mitigated crisis fallout.

Case Studies


Situation: The Paxful P2P bitcoin marketplace enables buyers to purchase bitcoin directly from sellers. The company sought visibility in the U.S. media but faced the challenge of a sketchy reputation for bitcoin and crypto. Solution: Fusion spun a positive story about financial inclusion for the unbanked. Furthermore, we leveraged the company’s philanthropic efforts and the founder’s interesting rags-to-riches story. We focused our strategies on promoting these aspects of the company and its offering through targeted pitches and announcements. Results: Nearly 60 feature articles in outlets ranging from cryptocurrency and philanthropy news sites to African newspapers and top-tier U.S. business and tech sites. We spread Paxful’s messages and thought leadership through placements in Entrepreneur, U.S. News & World Report, Voice of America Radio, The Street, Digital Trends, Inverse, The Express, The Independent and dozens of other outlets.

Case Studies

Additional Token Launch Success (team)BICO (Biconomy), FET (Fetch.ai)

*Ad Equivalency is the sum of estimated monetary value of articles based on media outlet popularity.

Fusion Value Add

Sample of Ad Equivalency from current client


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Data & Case Studies

We suggest a monthly budget of $12K for the following activities.

Public Relations

  • Kickoff, ongoing strategic meetings
  • Media kit development
  • Media and analyst databases
  • Content creation
    • Curate 1-2 pieces of content (per month)
      • Ex: Newsletters/blog
  • Coordinate media interviews at events
  • Press release development (1 per quarter)
  • Media engagement
    • Media training
    • Media briefings
    • Proactive story creation and placement
  • Secure 1-2 top tier media mentions (per quarter)
  • Secure 3 crypto/blockchain trades (per quarter)
  • Strategic counsel
  • Reporting and administrative

Social Media

  • Manage 4 social accounts
    • 3 execs, 1 company
    • X/Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Develop social process (approvals, timing, etc)
  • Access accounts and post:
    • 2 posts a week per account (32 posts/month)
    • 1 per month can be long form (up to 4/month)
  • Develop content calendar
  • Manage posts
    • Curated and originated
    • Total (per month)
      • Up to 4 full length posts (blog/article style)
      • Up to 32 short posts (Tweet style)

Proposed Budget: PR & Social Campaign

• Create media kit • Conduct media training for company spokespersons

Secure 1-2 top tier media briefings/mentions• Secure 3 crypto trade media placements

• Draft and publish 96 social posts• Draft 1 press release

• Draft/finalize Key Messaging & Positioning• Draft and finalize Social/PR plan

Quarterly KPIs

Prep and PR/Social Launch

  • Distribute release
  • Develop content
  • Newsletter
  • Prebrief reporters
  • Secure interviews
  • Social engagement
  • Begin posting
  • Thematic pitches
  • Draft press release
  • Social Strategy Plan
  • Media training
  • Draft social posts
  • Craft messages
  • Develop databases
  • Content calendar

Proposed Timeline

Fusion Public RelationsJordan Chanofsky, CEO 646-423-2201 jordan@fusionpr.com

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