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By Lombardo Rachele, Russo Alisea and Privitera Julia


The Applications of AI on healthcare

The Drawbacks

The impact of AI on healthcare

What's healthcare

What's healthcare

Healthcare is the process of providing or receiving medical treatment. Receiving healthcare helps prevent and treat diseases that can impact individuals' quality of life as well as the length of their life. Healthcare may seem to be a development of modern times, but human health care extends back much further in history.

AI driven tools automate duties such, as appointment bookings, billing and data recording allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on patient well being. Moreover, it elevates the quality of healthcare service provision

AI algorithms analyze information to create customized treatment strategies that consider individual traits and medical backgrounds. In addition, it enhances treatment effectiveness

Semplified operations

Personalized Treatment

Enhanced Diagnostic

Advanced AI systems precisely examine images aiding in the identification and precise diagnosis of conditions, like cancer. This leads to results and lessens the requirement for invasive procedures

The impact of AI on healthcare

  • Data Privacy Concerns: the use of AI raises concerns about the security and privacy of sensitive patient data. Breaches or misuse of this data can lead to identity theft, discrimination, or unauthorized access to personal health information, eroding patient trust and confidentiality.
  • Skill Gaps: implementing AI in healthcare requires specialized knowledge and skills, which may not be readily available among doctors. Including these skill gaps through training and education can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: the introduction of AI in healthcare raises complex ethical questions, such as the allocation of responsibility in case of errors or harm caused by AI systems and the appropriate use of AI in end-of-life care decisions.

The Drawbacks

Medical Imaging Analysis

AI algorithms analyze medical images like X-rays and CT scans to assist in diagnosing diseases such as cancer and fractures, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

Virtual Health Assistants

Virtual personal assistants provide personalized health advice, medication reminders, and symptom assessments, improving patient engagement and access to healthcare services.

Predictive Analytics

AI models predict patient outcomes, identify individuals at risk of developing certain conditions, and recommend personalized treatment plans based on medical history and lifestyle data.

The applications

The Advent of AI in Healthcare

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