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Ex.: I don't like sushi! I do. I'm not French. I am. I haven't got a sister. I have.
Ex.: I love sushi! I don't. I am French. I'm not. I have got a sister. I haven't.
Opposite form of the auxiliary.
Ex.: I don't like sushi! Neither do I. I'm not French. Neither am I. I haven't got .... Neither have I.
Neither + auxiliary + Subj.
Ex.: I love sushi! So do I. I am French. So am I. I have got a sister. So have I.
So + auxiliary + Subject

How to agree or disagree in a dialogue

AGREE (anch'io / nemmeno io)

DISAGREE (invece io no/sì)

Goals, p.247ex. 15-16

Give personal answers to the statements.use so/neither to agree, and the opposite form of the auxiliary verbs to disagree.

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