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Judith Beheading Holofernes


Between March 2nd and March 7th my class (4E) and I went on an educational trip to visit the wonderful city of Naples and an island nearby, Capri.We left Palermo on March 3rd around 3am and arrived in Naples around 9am. As soon as we arrived, a guided tour of Posillipo, Palazzo Reale, Teatro San Carlo and the Capodimonte Museum were waiting for us. We were really tired but we had a lot of fun anyway. What I liked most were the paintings I saw at the Capodimonte Museum, in particular "Judith Beheading Holofernes", a work that I had studied a few months earlier and particularly appreciated. Afterwards we went to the hotel and some of us decided to go out in the evening, although unfortunately it started raining so we couldn't fully enjoy the night out.

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The next day we had breakfast at 8:30 and visited Piazza Plebiscito, Spaccanapoli, San Gregorio Armeno and the National Museum. We saw fantastic murals of Maradona, Totò, Nino D'Angelo, Geolier and others in the Spanish Neighborhoods and everyone loved them, especially all football fans liked those of Maradona, in fact they also bought several souvenirs for relatives and friends. That day, during my free lunch, I ate Naples pizza for the first time and I must say that it is truly the best ever. In the evening we returned to the hotel and spent some time together before going to rest.

March 5th was the worst day. We went to visit Capri, a beautiful island for goodness sake, however the journey to get there was terrible, we all felt sick on the hydrofoil and some were feeling so unwell that they had to call an ambulance. It was a terrible experience that shook everyone a little but also united us in a very difficult moment.



The last day in Naples was fantastic. We visited the Cathedral of San Gennaro, the Treasure Museum of San Gennaro, the historic center and the monumental complex Cloister of Santa Chiara. We spent the whole afternoon wandering around, visiting all the little shops, eating as much local food as possible and buying gifts. In fact, I bought most of the gifts there, including bracelets, necklaces, CDs and a book as a souvenir for myself.Finally, in the evening we boarded (I slept the whole trip so I can't give opinions on this part) and then returned to Palermo at 8am the next day.

Realized by Karola Maria Puma 4E

It was a beautiful trip, very informative and which I think brought us together greatly both as classmates but also as friends. I am happy to have spent these days with my classmates and I especially owe thanks to the professors who accompanied us and made the trip more fun (and who were by our side even in the most difficult moments), namely Professor Lupo, Professor Gatto and Professor Lo Re. I'm sorry that some important members of the class were missing but next year we will definitely have the opportunity to have fun all together and even more!


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