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Whats A Pooka?

What do they look like?

Where Are They From?

What have they done Historically?

What are present day interpetations?

The pooka is a fae creature in Irish Folklore. They can be seen as good fortune or even bad luck. The Puka is a real mixed bag when it comes to what it exactly is. They are shapshifters and tricksters that can take many forms. The spelling of their name is widely different for multiple reasons. To list a few Puka, Puca, Pooka, Phooka, are some of the ways to spell this creatures name. One notable name is Puck, which sort of translates to Goblin and the Puca has many influences over the modern day goblin imagery. Its names change and shapeshift much like the creature itself. For more in depth Info click the buttons below.

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Some appear to look more animalistic.

Some can be more abstract.

The Puca is commonly interpeted as looking like a horse.

They can also appear more like a Human.

Ireland has a deep and rich cultural history behind it. It is home to many creatures, and this is the place the Puca call home.

History of Ireland Video

Click here for a video on the history of Ireland

The Puca has many stories and attributions to it throughout history. These stroies can be incredibly long, but I still wish to share some with you. One story goes that the Phooka would take the shape of a horse and approach weary people leaving a pub. The person would get on the Phooka and then have on of the most frieghtning experinces as the Phooka drags them around the countryside. But the Phooka are incredibly varied in how the operate. There are other stories of the Phooka helping farmers with their crops, or even protecting somone before a disaster. If you would like to read more stories about the Phooka click the button below and go to pages 101-117. All those stories are about the Phooka. The other button will lead you to a Podcast episode on the Phooka.

The Puka is still extremley Prevelant even to this day! It is a symbol in of itself of Irelands folklore and the creatures in them. Hover over images to learn more.

This is a staue of a Puka that was put in Burren in 2022. Click to read article.

Harvey is Originally a play written in 1944, and had a movie made in 1950. it is about a man who is followed but a 6ft invisible rabbit who is a Puca. Click if you want to learn more about this film/play.