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If we destroy the biodiversity, the world will be awful, because all the living things and their habitats are important to all life in the Earth. Earth is the only planet wich has a 21% of oxigen, furthemore is the fith planet nearer the Sun. But is the only planet that has life, that makes Earth an exotic planet.We need to assist the enviroment either the animals, like: Walsurs, leopards, elefants, cheetaws, super meaningful the bees, etc. However, I´m going to explain to you one of those endangered animals that are in danger for the people who hunt animals for their fur and Ivory.

Javan Rhinos

The Javan Rhino is one of the list of endangered animals in the world, the reason is that the Rhinos are threatened and victims of poaching. Javan Rhinos are herviborous, they eat lawn and other types of plants. Their expectation of life is about 50 years.In the wildlife there are a lot of Rhinos, in this case, the Javan Rhino It is a huge and heavy animal with 2 tones of weight.Usually the Rhino female is bigger than the males ones, that´s an amazing new you should now! The Javan Rhinos must have a frontal Ivory that can measure 25 centimetres more or less.

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¿Why the Javan Rhinos are in danger? The reason about why the Javan Rhinos are in danger, is that the humans, awfully, hunt they for poaching and this species loose their habitats and home. There are only 50 models of Javan Rhinos in all the world! That is quite little. We have to stop killing them, they must live because the are living things like us.

When we hunt animals, we are animals

Save the wildlife to be alive