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By Benoit Fage, Antoine Pepin, Zia Catroux and Léane Queven
  • 7 religions accepted

Rights to inmates

  • Parental authority
  • Recongnition of the child
  • Keeping child 18 month

Social and familial rights

  • judge to application of peers
  • judge for liberties and detention

Right of respect of dignity

Religion liberty

  • by correspondence
  • proxy vote
  • presential

Voting right

Write a subtitle here

Animation procedure

  • 10 participants max
  • USB keys/phones/laptop
  • movies/videos/pictures

Restrictions and rules

  • Law 2009

Danish Open jail

Heads Up, heads down

stop and walk

Emotion game

Communication chain

  • She sells on the sea shells on the sea shore
  • While we were walking, we were watching window



One word story

Job dating