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Invention Journal 6/7

By: Maddie Hess


Research Essay Topic: Ozempic Effects

Ozempic has been a newly publisized drug. This drug has got a lot of attention due to celebrity usage. Many people will see the effects like weight loss and not look at the other health effects it may have. Additionally, social media has brought on comparing individuals body image and turning to drugs to help lose weight.

Research Question:

How does Ozempic effect the body and it's ability to carry out it's functions? How does social media have an impact on the usage of this drug?

Sources Location

  • Websites :
  • .com
  • .edu

Source #1


This link is the real Ozempic Website. In this site, it provides loads of information for patients wanting to try this drug. The site provides the risks, a definition of what exactly Ozempic is, facts, and safety information. I also found it interesting that it provides resources and savings for people who may need it. The site also provides stories of people who use Ozempic and why patients should use Ozempic over other medications. Within this site, will help my research further to help fully understand what the drug is intended for, what it does for the body, and what their advertisement may draw some people’s attention to wanting to use this drug.

Source #2


This source provides what may be the reality for patients using this drug. Using this site will help my research further with evidence of this drug having serious side effects. This site gives specific health examples, like thyroid cancer. It also explains in a way the reader can understand what actually happens. Additionally, the site provides examples and the effects of social media and celebrities have on the public using these drugs. This site provides a lot of the data I need to help my research on the effects of both the drug and social media.

To My Classmates:

Hi to my classmates! Some advice I would like to share with you is to not be overwhelmed with the amount of research there is! Read throughly through each site and be sure to not get sites with the same information. Each site should provide something new and unique. This time in the semester is probably the most overwhelming but just remember we are so close to finishing and the work you put in will be worth it in the end!