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From reel to real


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Alphabet Game


Look at the document and identify the gadgets used in the movie

Compare these gadgets with the ones with have today

With what you know about the movie, explain why science-fiction can become real

Would you rather

movie gadget that became real?

Read the text and explain what happened to Dan Pfau

Read the text and explained how the watch helped him

Discuss the impact of smart watch on our daily life

The list



Watch the video and pick out information about Star Trek

Watch the video and write down the gadget you see and say what they have in common.

Watch the video and comment on the last sentence: “Sci-fi inspires real world technology”

Mini Task

Record an audio talking about 5 gadgets you would like to have in the future and why they would change your daily life.

Guess Where

Watch the video and say what is the subject of the video

Watch the video and explain why these flights are special

Watch the video and find what is the problem with these flights

Watch the video and explain what predictions they make about these flights

Brain Challenge

1. name the eight planets in the solar system2. How much cost a ticket to go to space?3. Traduire: Si j'avais eu une pportunité, je l'aurais fait4. What is the capital city of New Zealand5. In what city were the last Olympic Games?

Watch the video and say what mission it is about

Watch the video and find when this trip will be possible

Watch the video and explain what we need to make it possible

Question time

Read the text and find what technology is used to film the series

Read the text and compare the old technology (green screen) and the new technology (led wall)

Read the text and explain what this new technology will change

Guess who

Watch the video and identity the new technology they are using

Watch the video and say what people will be able to do with it.

Discuss the impact of the Omni One on reality. Can we say that “virtual” turned into “real”?