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Climate Day2024


Bernard LECAProfessor and Academic Director of the Talents de la TransitionEcologique chair

Anne-Claire PACHEAssociate Dean for Global Strategy & Sustainability


Based on its humanist tradition, and convinced of the urgency of changing our development models, ESSEC has decided through the "Together" approach to put social and environmental issues at the heart of its strategy, and in particular at the heart of your training to accompany you towards responsible leadership.You will therefore have many pedagogical proposals in this sense throughout your studies at ESSEC.We are particularly happy to welcome you to our Cergy campus for this Climate Day dedicated to issues that concern us all.See you soon!

Tomorrow or in a few days, you will assume responsibilities in various sectors, you will have to make trade-offs in acomplex environment, taking into account all these issues. You will have to imagine new solutions to build a more sustainable, sober and fairer world. What a formidable challenge and what a space for creativity and expression of your talents!

Today, companies are required to operate within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015: 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 that aim to "transform our world" by getting all stakeholders to work together.


by Bernard LECA, Professor and Academic Director of the Talents de la Transition Ecologique chair

Paradigm shift

Faced with the urgency, many countries are making the decarbonization of their economies an absolute priority, with massive investments and a mix of constraints and incentives that are now imposed on companies.

For young graduates, it is a changing context, with a unique opportunity to conciliate personal ambition and commitment to addressing the greatest challenge of our time.

In this context, the ecological transition is a major challenge for organizations that must be changed from within. This transition offers multiple opportunities to invent, rethinkbusiness models, develop new expectations and create desirable, sober and fairer futures.

However, the efforts remain clearly insufficient. In 2022, the increase is already 1.2°C compared to the levels dating before the industrial revolution, the heat records follow one another and the ‘carbon budget’ that we have left to avoid exceeding the 1.5°C limit will be exhausted within 7 years, at the current rate of emissions.

Climate change and biodiversity loss are the main challenges facing all private and public organizations today. From now on, they must all integrate the imperative of the ecological transition into their activities.Awareness has been raised and strong decisions have already been taken. In 2015, 55 countries committed to fight against climate change through the ‘Paris Agreements’. A consensus emerged to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable lowcarbon future.The goal? To limit the global temperature increase to a level contained between + 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

More generally, it is ESSEC’s raison d’être to enable you to acquire the conceptual frameworks, tools and, above all, methods to understand the society in which you will have to make decisions. It is to enable you to develop yourself, first as a student, and then as a responsible and committed leader for a more sustainable and fairer world. A better world for everyone, without exception.

The aim of this Climate Day is to prepare- you for the responsibilities you will have to assume in this ever-changing context and the opportunities that this represents.

This day will mark the starting point of a global journey of acculturation to the social and environmental challenges our societies are facing.Its objective is twofold: to acquire the scientific fundamentals on climate change and to identify how everyone can be part of solution, tomorrow as a professional.

April 3rd, 2024

Your Climate Day

Cristina TERRA

9:10 - 10:25


Guest speaker

11:45 - 12:15


ESSEC's commitment on campus

10:35 - 11:45

Jean-Sébastien SIMON

Lecture "Climate change: facts, issues and levers"

Welcome speech




Jean-Sébastien SIMON

Closing of the day


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Afternoon kick-off