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Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters was created in 2016 by England rugby player and Saracens captain Brad Barritt and coffee expert Justin Stockwell. They set out to create the finest coffee that had sports performance enhancing qualities, thus Tiki Tonga was born. They provide a large range of coffee, with 8 different blends, ranging in strength, flavour and texture. Their goal is to bring 'unrivalled consistency of flavour from each blended and single origin coffees.'

Tiki Tonga Coffee



This very strong coffee is a blend of Indian washed robusta, Kenyan arabica, Brazilian mogiana arabica and Ethiopian djimmah beans. It has flavour notes of liquorice, cocoa and spice, and is sure to give you the energy to get through the day. It is best to have as a drink with milk, as its strong flavour carries through easily.

No.2 The Heavy Hitter

This blend has a slightlly lower caffeine content than the others, and has a blend of Brazilian mogiana, Colombian and Honduran arabica beans. It has a rich texture and a strong flavour with notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate. It is best to have as an espresso, so you can fully taste the rich flavour.

No.12The All-Rounder

Another single origin coffee, this one is made from 100% arabica beans. It has a creamy texture, which is accompanied with a sweet, nutty taste, with hints of caramel. It is best to have without milk, to fully appreciate the flavours. It is Tiki Tonga's first single origin coffee, and has a medium strength

No. 10The General

This is one of the single origin coffees, made from 100% Ethiopian Guji beans. It is quite strong, and has floral flavours of jasmine, cherry blossom and almonds. It is a washed coffee, meaning it has vibrant flavours and a clean finish. It has a unique rich and syrupy texture, so is best to have black.

No.3 The Unsung Hero

No.8The Big Contender

This is also a blended coffee, made from Brazilian mogiana arabica, Rwandan arabica, Javanese and Vietnamese Robusta. It has a smooth texture, and quite a strong, sweet flavour, with hints of roasted nuts and caramelised sugar. It is best to drink with a large amount of milk, in a latte for example, to cut through the sweet flavour.

This is made from 100% Brazilian mogiana arabica beans, and is a decaf coffee. It has a medium body, with flavours of burnt sugar, sweetness and mild acidity. It is made decaffinated using the swiss water process, where green coffee beans are soaked in a water solution, until all caffeine is absorbed, but flavours remain.


This coffee is a partnership with Guinness, so the beans are roasted at 232° C, the same temperature as barley is, in Guinness. It has quite a strong flavour, with dark, sweet and malty notes. Its texture is smooth, creamy and has a balanced thickness. It is best enjoyed as a cappuccino or flat white, but will be good however you like it.

Guinness 232

This coffee has a clean and controlled flavour, making it perfect to start the day with. It has a blend of Honduran and Kenyan arabica, Brazilian mogiana arabica and Indian washed robusta beans. It has a medium strength and citrus, nut and malty flavours. It's medium body makes it quite thick and smooth to drink.

No.9The Snappy Finisher


They first partnered for the 2018/19 season, becoming the club's official coffee supplier, and has worked with them ever since.


Tiki Tonga has been supplying coffee for Lord's Cricket ground since 2019 and have become a big hit ever since


In 2019, it was announced that Tiki Tonga would be the club's official coffee supplier for their stadium.



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