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DLI project work


Part 1


In this difficult educational landscape, it is becoming increasingly challenging to recruit and retain teachers. One of the challenges is the confidence to tackle tricky behaviour whilst balancing workload. According to NFER’s research, teachers now say pupil behaviour is driving higher workload and that behaviour management and pastoral care should be key priority areas for workload reduction. As a teacher training organisation, we want to encourage people to train with us whilst also being honest about the realities of teaching. The organisation currently has an 'insights' course for prospective trainee teachers to learn more about teaching. They attend a couple of in person days, alongside accessing some follow up e- learning content. This is theortical, text based content and the data shows that there is poor engagement with this content. Opportunities to practise and apply learning using "real life" scenarios are minimal due to the restraints of the technology that is available or practicalities of being able to be in school. This is also difficult for any prospective teachers as they're typically working full time jobs, along with living in various locations across the UK.This new blended course will replace this course. It is designed for people looking for a career in teaching, or looking to build their confidence before they begin teacher training. It's fully online, and gives them a chance to observe teachers in the classroom, practise teaching techniques and receive feedback in a safe environment, through video and immersive learning technology.




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The whoLearning personas

Technology considerations:- Has access to devices including phone and laptop.- Has designed and completed numerous online compliance training courses so is familiar with asynch learning and using an LMS.- Doesn't use social media that often.Digital learning preferences:- Prefers to engage with online content in his own time due to work and family commitments. - Likes to revisit concepts and receive feedback so he can learn and develop quickly.

Barriers to learning- Has a demanding work and home life.- Finds theoretical approach to learning difficult at times and prefers a more practical, hands on approach.

BioJay is an ambitious and hardworking HR Manager who has worked in the corportate setting for 15 years. He is looking to change careers to become a teacher as he's seeking a new challenge. He isn't sure yet if he'd like to persue primary or secondary phase.Jay lives with his partner and two children.

Goals and Aspirations- To gain some experience in a primary and secondary school through volunteering.- To understand more about teaching as a career.- To join a teacher training programme.

Jay Age: 38Occuptation: HR ManagerLocation: Bristol, UK

Technology considerations:- Has access to devices including phone and laptop.- Is a digital native and prefers videos and audio that she can download and listen to on the go.Digital learning preferences:- Prefers timebound courses as she can find it difficult to meet deadlines.- Likes to experience learning through videos.

Barriers to learning- To complete

BioNadia thrives in a busy setting and has enjoyed the rewards and challenges this past year working in a nursery. She is a graduate from Bournemouth University with a degree in Early Childhood Studies. She's seeking the right type of teacher training route which isn't university based as she has some financial difficulties. After her experience in nursery, she believes teaching older children is better suited for her. She has at times found it difficult to implement effective behaviour management strategies.

Goals and Aspirations- To join a paid teacher training route.- To become a KS1 teacher.- To observe and learn from other teachers to help hone her management skills.

NadiaAge: 22Occuptation: Nursery assistantLocation: Bournemouth, UK

Technology considerations:- Has access to devices including phone and laptop.- Familiar with video conferencing tools and social media as uses these often in his role.Digital learning preferences:- Likes to collaborate with others to learn and develop.- Enjoys interactive features and rewards.

Barriers to learning- Can sometimes find online learning a little isolating.

BioEmilio has been working for a few years in a fast paced role in recruitment. He originally wanted to be a teacher but abandoned this aspiration after securing an internship post university.He's now planning to become a secondary school teacher and is interested in teaching business studies. He is nervous as he has heard from friends who are teachers about the difficulties of the job and some have left after a couple of years.

Goals and Aspirations- To complete.

EmilioAge: 27Occuptation: Recruitment ConsultantLocation: Manchester, UK

Business need:The organisation values the people who train with them and offers a high quality, inclusive and accessible route into teaching.To align with this offer, this new pre-training course (name tbc) will also be blended and offer an engaging and valuable insight into a task and what teaching is like, whilst practising some fundamental teaching skills in a safe environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them.The aim is to recruit aspiring teachers, and retain them by providing earlier access to content, providing them with insights into the role to prepare them better ahead of their full training.

The why

The learners are highly motivated and driven with competent digital literacy skills.They prefer multimedia content delivered asynchronously with opportuntiies for social learning to gain feedback and learn from peers.All are located across different areas of the country and in full time jobs so would benefit from the flexibility of an online course.Lacking in confidence in some areas, they will benefit from being able to build knowledge and practise through scenario based learning.Learning gap:As entry level to teaching, they will have little to no knowledge of the role of a teacher so will be essential to learn some fundamentals before they access the practical tasks.

+ info

A blended learning model following the core and spoke with async modules. These will be linear and build on core concepts with video based learning.There will be opportunities to colloborate through social learning (spoke)

The why cont. (these are rough notes)

Learning outcomesUpon completion of the course, they will:

  • Define the concepts of assessment, planning and classroom management (understand)
  • Explain strategies for addressing low level disruption in the classroom (understand)
  • Observe experienced teachers in different scenarios and use decision making skills to provide their responses to these scenarios (apply/analyse)
  • Plan a short section of a lesson (apply)
  • Deliver their lesson (apply?)
  • Evaluate their lesson through self reflection and expert advice (evaluation)


Note: haven't been able to flesh this out yet but plan is to build a series of core lessons for each module, with spoke elements where learners can do a deeper dive and attend optional seminars.

  • Lesson 1:
  • Lesson 2:
  • Lesson 3:
  • Lesson 1:
  • Lesson 2:
  • Lesson 3:

Module 4

  • Lesson 1:
  • Lesson 2:
  • Lesson 3:

Module 3

Module 2

  • Lesson 1:
  • Lesson 2:
  • Lesson 3:

Module 1




Course name

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