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Lizoon Nahar

Field Trip for ScienceLearning

How was the spring break?

Congratulations to those who made progress

Healthy Goal Report

1. Lack or organization 2. Missing data 3. Missing submissions

Field Trip

Lets experience a metaversehttps://eduverse.com/safe-secure-k-12-metaverse/ Live Cam: https://explore.org/livecams

Name generator https://app-sorteos.com/en/apps/random-teams-generator

TEAM C Judges

TEAM B Live Cam

TEAM A Metaverse

Science Debate

Science Debate Judgement Criteria

Hands-on Lesson Presentation

lets take a break

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Plan for Unit Plan


Name of the 5 lessons


Name of the Unit

Work on your wed facilitated lesson PlanWeb facilitated lesson plan submission on Sunday March 24, 2024