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Curriculum Enrichment Resources







As far as differentiating curriculum and giving students the oppurtunity to engage with technology, there are three great resources that are very supportive in student learning:-Amplify: This online ELA program is specifically created to design individual learning paths for students based on their ELA reading scores. It constructs a learning path for students to work on their goals.-iReady: Similarly to Amplify, this is a great onling learning resource to help support students in their indivudual Math learning goals.-McGraw Hill Online: McGraw Hill has a fantastic online resource for students to practice their ELA skills.

Differentiated Curriculum


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Oftentimes, students who are above grade-level and exelling can be overlooked, as teachers struggle to meet the needs of struggling students. Because these students crave enrichment and challenges, there are a couple of online resources that are great in engaging these learners:-Raz-kids: A great online program for student to practice and challenge themselves in reading skills.-Accelarated Reader: Another great online program for reading that allows students to participate in challenging comprehension quizes after completing books.-Brainpop: A great educational site for students to explore diferent subjects and topics that they are interested in with short videos and fun animations.


Collaboration and self-directed learning is crucial in expanding student's abilities in their education. Some great resources to help foster this are:- Animal reports using sites like Discovery Ed, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers, or Texas Wildlife Assosication. The possibilities are endless!-Collaborative online learning platforms like FlipGrid, Kahoot, or Padlet to share ideas.-Allowing for simple classroom collaboration, partner shares, team activities, etc. are so beneficial for student success and engagement.

Collaboration/Self Directed Learning:

Building cultural diversity into a curriculum is crucial in order for students to feel that they are equally represented. There are many different ways to incorporate cultural inclusivity into curriculum. Here are a few resources that are very helpful for educators:-Resilient Educator: Includes some great resources and ways for teachrs to promote cultural inclusivity in the classroom.-Edutopia: Another great site for educators to explore options for creating a culturally diverse curriculum.

Ensuring Cultural Diversity