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Stephany Mateo

Problem of practice

How do three Latina transnational Spanish teachers negotiate language ideologies and everyday language practices in their teaching lives?

Research Question

Marishel Díaz, Mexico CityAngélica Marquez, Jalisco, MéxicoYolibeth Gonzalez, Olancho, Honduras


Three Transnational SpAnish teachers

Chicana/Latina Feminist Anzaldúa's (1987)


Flores & Rosa’s (2015) raciolinguistics

  • Deductive coding of interview transcripts and fieldnotes
  • Categories


Two class observations in Colorado

Pláticas: Two rounds of pláticas. The first one is one-on-one and the second one together


The use of Spanish as a strategy

Identity fluidity and power

language ideologies contradictions

Findings so far:

Language to Communicate care

"¿cómo coexistir siendo respetuosos pero siendo quienes somos sin tener que esconder la identidad?"

Identity findings:

"I believe that my identity is composed of many minorities, but my attitude, or my way of going day by day is not... I don't operate from fear or the 'oh, don't say anything, and be a follower versus a leader' mentality. And I think sometimes that clashes with people, especially in the workplace with superiors".


How can I add a lens focused on identities into my analysis since I am seeing fuller pictures of these teachers?Is there literature that you could suggest on complexities of identities?


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