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Hughes Stem Freshman English

CHARACTER Development

Game Plan


Process Outline

Character Breakdown


We Study Character Analysis because it will be asked of you to do in all English classes including college BUTIt completely changes the way we are able to understand characters and relate to them

Why is Character Analysis Important

How to Breakdown Characters in Easy Steps

How is the character facing the challenges and problems in their story so far - Are they changing maybe becoming better or even worse - How are they choosing to solve their problem? - Who do they choose to find support with?


Who is the character by the end? Are they the same person = unchanged and flat or have they grown - We all grow as people that's what makes us special so GREAT characters tend to grow with us - We RARELY are able to relate to a character by circumstance but we can relate to their development


Look at who the character is at the beginning of the story and what problems they will have to face - Every story will set up the issues characters will be faced with that's how writers get us invested


Naruto lost the battle and will lose the war HE CANNOT OUT FIGHT PAIN but HE LISTENS finally able to say that HE is the example that proves the villain wrong

By the End of Pain Arc

A Hard worker and master of many styles of fighting - Does not feel alone but still feels powerless and inadequate - Still struggles to listen

Middle of Show

He is alone, quick to act, impulsive, and refuses to listen- Seen Up to Valley of the End

Beginning of Show

We see when he appers at the House that he is very distraught - ""Me and Willy was going to go down to Springfield and spread some money 'round so's we wouldn't have to wait so long for the liquor license . . . everybody said that was the way you had to do." - He is lost and confused
Because Bobo has a short appearance the beginning has to be implied - What happened behind the scenes with Walter and given his intelligence how he must have acted



The WILD, COMEDIC, and SAD Side character of A Raisin in the Sun

My Breakdown of Bobo from Raisin


Mama says Once upon a time freedom used to be life—now it's money. - Now that Bobo has lost his money he has lost his freedom in life - returning to powerlessness

By the end he is defeated and has returned to being hopeless, broke, and scared

You will be picking a character besides Bobo and answering prompts in order to analyze another character from A Raisin in the Sun

The Assignment