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  • An action that started in the past and continues in the present with action verbs.
  • PLAY
  • COOK
  • WORK
  • WALK


+ haven´t/hasn´t + been + verb ing + compl.

+ have/has + been + verb ing + compl.

  • I´ve been doing yoga all morning.
  • We´ve been cleaning the house all the weekend.
  • Emma´s been working in the ranch all the month.
  • Yay´s been chatting with her boyfriend all day.


What have you been doing lately?

A-Sarita looks so sadWhat has she been doing?B-Sarita´s been crying for her dog.

"An action that finished a little time ago."

A-You look so red.What have you been doing?B-I´ve been dancing all the afternoon.

  • You don´t say how many times.
  • I´ve been calling Carlos but he hasn´t answered.
  • I´ve been trying to pass my English certification but I haven´t achieved it yet.

"A repeated action in the past but you don´t say how many times.

"How long have you been ...

  • I´ve been studying English since April.
  • Rodri´s been driving for 2 years.
  • Ericka´s been doing her biology project since last week.
  • They´ve been living here for 5 years.