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The Solar Eclipse

On Monday April 8th , 2024 we will experience a solar eclipse. This will be the last solar eclipse in the United States until August 23rd, 2044. If you live near Erie, you have the highest likelihood of being in the path of totality. This is when the entire sun is covered by the moon's shadow and you will experience a brief period of darkness. Click on the image to see when other solar eclipses will occur in other parts of the world between now and 2044.

The upcoming solar eclipse

+ Types of Solar Eclipses

During a solar eclipse, the moon and sun will align in such a way that the moon will be covering the entire sun, if you are in the path of totality. This is shown by the darker and narrower shadow. You can still experience a partial solar eclipse if you are in the lighter and wider shadow.

How does a solar eclipse happen?

If you are further east, you might experience a partial eclipse. There will still be darkness, but it won't be as dark as it would be if you were in the path of totality. This will almost make the sun look like a crescent moon.

Depending where you are in comparison to the path of totality, you might experience a different solar eclipse than your other classmates. If you are closer to Erie, you will likely experience totality which is when the moon completely covers the sun.

What the solar eclipse could look like to you

Even though the sun will briefly be covered by the moon's shadow, the sun's UV rays are still very active and can cause serious damage to your eyes. It is no different than if you were to go outside on a summer day and stare at the sun, the damage will be the same.There are special glasses that you can order that will allow you to view the solar eclipse safely and directly.


Don't Look!

Click the map to find how much of the eclipse will be visible in your area.

Path of Totality