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éphémère food truck

The food truck of the french gastronomy



Like the cuisine, the name is also intended to be abstract and representative of the dish which only lasts for the time of creation and presentation.

The name "Ephemeral" of the food truck is intended to be refined or elegant, it aims to reflect the grandeur of French cuisine which is known worldwide.

Why the name "Ephémère"

Mood board

the menu of our food truck is very representative of the typical dishes of French gastronomy.Authentic dishes with a modern touch with the food truck, and convenient to enjoy, even standing up.

The menu

Here you can include arelevant fact to highlight

the food truck is a Citroen HVwill propably be white and blue in the final designIn this plan, there is a proposed idea for a covering.

food truck choosed and its covering

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final logo

Other products

there is the other products to promote the ephemere food truck including a visit card a poster and a leaflet

  • ephemere title
  • french flag serve with punch marking
  • butterfly

graphic elements

visit card

There is the visit card for the food truck, boldly displaying the logo and contact information, inviting customers to the food truck.

  • french map
  • hand draw pot
  • social media logo
  • fake stamp with the logo

graphic elements

unfinished leaflet

There is my unfinished leaflet, filled with promising ideas and potential, awaiting the final touches to bring it to life.

There is a first attempt for a poster, sutbtle colors and captivating imagery, aimed at drawing attention to the new food truck.

  • food truck
  • road
  • tree
  • crumple paper background

graphic element

First attempt at a poster