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OurWildcat's School Culture

Education is the \most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

  • Collaboration-
promotes collective decision- making in both the school and the community creating a family atmosphere/ strong partnerships between the families and the school team where the families can volunteer and have continual involvement (Osiname, 2018)
  • Communication-
open communication lines between and among staff, students, parents and the community to meet the needs of the students/ a system in place to communicate and work with groups and help problem-solve major concerns within the school (Osiname, 2018)
  • Supportive Environment-
positive relationship-building approach to encourage staff, students and families to take responsibility for supporting one another/ staff and students are encouraged to be positive and to relate with one another with care (Osiname, 2018)

Characteristics of an Inclusive School culture

The Importance of an Inclusive School Culture:Cultural inclusion is essential as schools are becoming increasingly multicultural due to shifting demographic patterns in the United States (Kumar et al., 2019). There are several benefits for students and the community when schools focus on inclusivity. * Students gain social and community skills. They enrich their lives with diverse friendships and interactions (Team XQ, n.d.).* Schools experience fewer absences and behavioral issues. When students feel like they belong and that they are important members of the school community, they are invested in their own education (Team XQ, n.d.).* Inclusive schools lead to greater acceptance and tolerance. Students learn valuable lessons about tolerance and the benefits of diversity (Team XQ, n.d.).* All students and teachers benefit from a great support system. Teachers can get to know their students by creating lessons that meet their students' needs (Team XQ, n.d.).

Community REsources

Orange County Pubic Libraries & Academic Databases

Orange County Department of Education (OCDE)

Our School's Vision




Our school believes in a learner-centered program that recognizes the unique abilities, needs and interests of each student. The educational environment encourages development of individuals who are capable of becoming responsible citizens and leaders in a rapidly changing global society. Both the use of technology and our community resources will support the development of critical thinking skills of students and staff.

Our staff are provided opportunities in professional development and even personalized assistance from our district coaches from how to become a leader within our district to how to incorporate technology in the curriculum and instruction. Our district librarian also sends staff information regarding resources from the city's public library and our district team works closely with the OCDE personnel to support both our staff and students. The staff, in turn, supports the students in building their leadership and technology skills with the knowledge they have gained. Students, especially in the upper grades, are encouraged to become leaders within the school through after-school enrichment classes and in student council.

OC Public Libraries is a network of community libraries in your neighborhood or as near as your computer. They have 32 branches as well as an outlet in the Orangewood Children's Home to provide a variety of services to residents throughout the County.

* Vision: Open Doors, Free Access, Community* Mission: Empower & Enrich our Communities * Values: Empower people Serve everyone Provide freedom of access Engender love of reading and learning Make a difference in people’s lives

OCDE administers an variety of programs and services that are essential to the operations of local school districts and community colleges, facilitating profesional development, legal guidance, payroll, career and technical education support, high-speed internet access, resources for families, and student enrichment.