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Religious Field Trip Choice Board

Portray Important Stories Of The God

Preston Meadow Lutheran Church

Hanuman Temple

Portrays "The Last Supper of Jesus", click on the images to find out more!

Portrays the birth of Hanuman, click on the images to find out more!


1 God v.s. Multiple Deities

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Preston Meadow Lutheran Church

Hanuman Temple

Portrays Jesus as the only God.

Portrays multiple dieties which are manifistations of Brahman.

Symbolism of Color

Preston Meadow Lutheran Church

Portrays the color theme of purple, click on the images to find out more!

Hanuman Temple

Portrays the color symbolism of Hanuman, click on the images to find out more!

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Hanuman's Beginning

Similar to "The Last Supper", this art piece portrays an important moment of Hanuman's life as he was born and blessed by Hari-Hara. This serves as the beginning of his journey as a deity with the blessings of two gods and profound spiritual abilities. In addition, this also serves as a source of the Hindu worldviews, as it reinforces the idea of divine intervention and protection.

The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" is Jesus' final meal with his disciples before his crucifixion. This art piece was created to visually represent a significant event from the Bible. This allowed people to capture the emotions behind the scene and reflect on its spiritual significance such as faith, sacrifice, and redemption.

Multiple Deities

Similarly to the Lutheran Church, the Hindus also believe in only one supreme god, Brahmas. However, they differ by believing in multiple manifestations of Brahmas with each deity having different characteristics and attributes. This led to the Hanuman Temple being a host of numerous deities such as Ganesha, Bala Subrahmanya, Hanuman, and many more.

Symbolism of Purple

-Colors play a significant role in the church and they change according to the seasons of the Church year.

-Therefore, during the Lenten season, churches are decorated with purple as a reminder of Christ's journey to the cross as well as his sacrifice.

-Before the crucifixion, Jesus was clothed in a purple (associated with royalty) robe by the Romans as a mocking gesture. This act made fun of Jesus' status as the "King of the Jews". As a result, purple came to represent not only royalty but also Christ's suffering and sacrifice.

  • Reddish-orange (kesariya): symbolizes energy, vitality, and devotion.
  • Red: strength and courage

Hanuman's Colors

Hindu temples often use color to symbolize different values associated with the gods and goddesses worshipped within. For example in this statue of Lord Hanuman we can see:


Unlike the Hanuman Temple where the colors are used to represent different attributes of the gods, the colors in the Preston Meadow Lutheran Church serve as symbolism for different seasons of the Church and the history behind them.

Only Jesus

Christianity is greatly monotheistic and believes in only one god, Jesus. This makes Jesus the primary figure portrayed in Christian churches as one has to follow his teachings and beliefs to achieve salvation.