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IndependentNovel Study

For the fourth cycle, you are going to be reading a book of your choosing! You will be talking about this book with others in the class, completing assignments, and doing a final project on it!


Page Count



You can read physical books, online books, or listen to audio books.Graphic novels or manga must be approved by the teacher before you choose them! Sometimes page counts aren't high enough so two may be needed.

The book must be school appropriate for a high-school sophomore! It must also be near grade level!You cannot read a book that is rated for elementary school.

The book cannot be under 100 pages! You are going to have to read the entire thing, so you need to make sure it fits within the page count!(If allowed) Audiobooks must be longer than 6 hours and may be listened to at home if you can't finish it in class.

There are three requirements for choosing a book


You're also welcome to look at the classroom library!

We have some books to offer...



Between Shades of Gray

Before I Fall

Life of Pi

Slaughterhouse Five

A Hope in the Unseen

Friday Night Lights

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Talk to your teacher about your choice! Don't just choose a random book.

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We are going to the library today! You have the option of finding a book there.

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