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Digital divide

  • The digital divide refers to the gap between people who have access to modern information and communications technology.

what is digital divide??

Consequences of the digital divides

  • Technological discrimination
  • Incommunication and isolation
  • Barrier to study
  • Digital Exclusion of the teachers and students
  • Constitutes a form of poverty and social exclusion by depriving part of the population of essential resources to develop and generate wealth.
  • We have seen this frequently during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Many students and workers found it difficult to work remotely and follow their classes online.

Technological discrimination

Incommunication and isolation

Residents of remote areas where the Internet does not reach are out of touch. Something similar happens to residents of urban areas who live disconnected, causing social isolation.

The coronavirus crisis has shown the effects of the digital divide in education:Teachers and students on the sidelines because they do not have access to technology and sufficient digital skills.

Barrier to study

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the effects of the digital divide on education.Teachers and students who do not have sufficient digital skills or access to technology are left on the sidelines.This arms the quality of teaching and learning.

Digital exclusion of teachers and students

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