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Perkville Rewards


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Perkville Rewards

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PERSONAL INFO:Member can adjust personal info or delete account

  • List of recent activity
  • Option to download activity history

Points Tab

MEMBERSHIP: Options to adjust membership (via forms sent to the Member Experience Team or MyIClubOnline)

  • A breakdown of all the different ways to earn points!
  • Details how many points each activity will earn

Earnings Tab

2) Select Yes, Please Book

This notice appears: "You should be checked-in into the club for booking recovery amenities"

1) Click on the yellow Book icon to reserve a spot.

  • Shows all the different things members can use their points for
  • Where members go to redeem their perks

Perks Tab

BILLING DETAILS:Brings member to myiclubonline.com

  • Defaults to the location the member signed up at.
  • Member can switch locations
    • (best used for travel or temporary switches, as location will default back next time the app is opened)


Option to sign in using MyIClub

For members needing to set up an account

For members with an existing rewards account

4) A yellow Ticket icon will appear in the top right corner

3) For a successful booking, you'll see a white Booked icon over the class image

1) Click on the yellow Book icon to reserve a spot,2) Select Yes, Please Book

Option to search by date or by instructor