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Learning parth week 5



3-True or false?

7-Let's play

8-Let's speak

9-It is Reading time

4-It is Listening time

5-It is Forum time

10-It is Writing time

11-Let's be creative

6-Case analysis

Vocabulary and grammar

In this activity you will fill in the blanks with "will" or "be going to". Let's see how much you remember about this topic and if you know how to use the grammar.

In this activity you will work on some interesting tasks after reading a text. You will have a series of items regarding the text that you will have to work on.

In this task you will work on a true or false exercise about a person's future arrangements.

It is time to play! In this activity you will play a game in which you have to respond to questions in order to get points!

In this activity you have to work on a recording regarding your future plans/arrangements. Based on the week's topic you will be working on creating a recording in which you have to describe your future arrangements/plans orally.

In this activity you will read a text about someone's arrangements in order to answer some questions about it.

Are you ready to learn?

In this activity you will listen to a recording about someone's future arrangements. Then, you will work on quiz about it.

In this activity you will work on creating questions and responding to your classmates' questions about future arrangements.

In this activity you will write about your future arrangements. The idea is to use the vocabulary and grammar from this week to write a paragraph/dialogue.

In this activity you will create a presentation with the program of your preference stating your future plans/arrangements. You have to add pictures to your presentation!

In this activity you will analize some cases in order to say what the person might do next. In this activity you get set of cases so that you can interpret what the person might do next.

In this part you will learn how to describe future arrangements/plans. This presentation has the grammar as well as some examples of questions and sentences that you can use to describe those arrangements/plans.