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Our dream house

Our dream house


We would share our home. The interior will consist of two floors. The first floor would have a spacious living room along with a modern kitchen, cinema, an indoor swimming pool in case the day is cold or rainy and a one bathroom. On the second floor there would be two more bathrooms, three bedrooms for each, a games room and a balcony for each bedroom.

An example of a room with these colors:

The colors of our house would be white, a classic choice that would bring a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and luminosity. Gray is a versatile color, it adds depth and sophistication to spaces, and combines well with other neutral or bright colors. The color black which would bring an elegant feel, blues and soft greens are popular choices among society and touches of vibrant color to give personality to the space and attract attention.

The exterior of the house will be a large garden with a swimming pool for hot days. There will be a barbecue area, an entertainment area, a spa and a football pitch and a basketball pitch with a more natural theme around the garden with good lighting.

trabalho feito por: santiago silva cristiano dias martim santos

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