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Prisca's Needs & Pain Points


Cultural Adjustment


Academic Challenges

Social Isolation






Cultural Adjustment

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Social Norms

Unfamiliar Customs

Haitian transfer students in America may encounter a variety of stressors due to cultural, academic, social, and economic differences between Haiti and the United States.

Academic Challenges

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Different Grading System

Different Teaching Styles

Individualistic vs. Collective Society

The American education system might be different from what Haitian students are accustomed to. This could include different grading systems, teaching styles, and learning norms. Adjusting to these academic differences can be stressful.

Social Isolation

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Feelings Isolated

Low Support

Difficulty Making New Friends

Being far from home and familiar support networks can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Haitian transfer students may struggle to make friends and build new social connections in their new environment.

Discrimination & Racism

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Racial Discrimination

Ethnic discrimination

Mental Well-Being

Discrimination and racism are still prevalent in the United States and Haitian students may face discrimination based on their race, ethnicity, or nationality. This can negative impact their mental well-being.