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-To give some information about new devices that are ariving at the market and choose which are the best devices.


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All-terrain electric skis

This new way of getting around is for the ski lovers.Walking on these little "shoes" reminds the feeling of skying.They work in almost every terrain.

This can be called the new generation of bikes. They are full automathic whereas eletric so is safe for the environment.I have actualy ridden this bike when I visited pena aventura.

Fat tire folding bike

We all know that in the future we will live in smart homes, and this panel will make controling your house effortlessAmazon echo hub has many features turn on and of the lights, controll cameras, etc.

Smart home control panel

The future smiles to gamers. The new technologies synergises harmoniously with video games.Gaming glasses are the perfect example.With them you are going feel like you are in the game.

Gaming glasses

Last but not least, we have this smart cooker.If you are lazy or not in the mood for cooking, you can use this smart cooker that will prepare your food easily.This device also comes with an app that gives the instructions to cook but also alows you to control the cooker

Chef iq smart-pressure cooker

It seems that every year the technology is evolving, therefore these items above will be more affordable than today, so I advise you to wait.


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