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School BookSymbol for Education and Knowledge (Enlightenment)

TechnologyShe is bringing Trains, Electricity, and Communications to the dark "unknown" making it known and easier for more Americans to follow her into the unknown.

"The Angel" Represents the American Movement West

Manifest DestinyThis was a belief held by many Americans in the 1800s that the United States was destined to expand from the Atlantic seacoast to the Pacific Ocean. This concept was used to justify the expansion westward.

Gold RushAfter gold was discovered in California in 1848, tens of thousands of people, or '49ers', rushed to California from the rest of the United States and abroad in the hopes of finding their fortunes.

Hunting Animals to Extinction

The NativesAfraid and running from American Progress They are on the "Dark" side of the continent and one can infer that they do not have Knowledge or Technology.

The BuffaloIn the year 1500 there were 45 Million Buffalo By the end of the 1900s there was less than 400 remaining.

Rocky Mountains

Pacific Ocean

The DarkThe Unknown Bad Sad Evil "Uncivilized"

LightHappy Prosperous Peaceful Stable Goodness The Known "Civilized"

Cities and the EastThey are in the sun and the brightest part of the picture. Shows that the Knowledge and the Technology is coming from the cities and being spread to the West!

Atlantic Ocean

Transcontinental RailroadCompleted in 1869, train route across the United States. It accelerated the pace of westward expansion by allowing **goods **and people to move across the country more quickly and cheaply.

Farming and the Steel PlowNew Technology to make it easier to plant crops in the west. This includes the expansion of Slavery to the West