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Flexible Investment Platform

Our long-term concentrated, unconstrained approach seeks to invest on a multi-decade horizon to deliver sustainable long-term returns. The strategy invests in quality growth companies, harnessing long-term structural growth opportunities aligned to the three mega-trends of Demographic changes, the Future of Technology and Resource Scarcity.

Global Long-Term Unconstrained Equities

Long-term alpha generation from the world's straongest companies

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The UK Equity team have a well-established and long-standing reputation in listed UK equity active investment. Managing portfolios since 1995, studious company analysis is rooted beneath our carefully constructed, high conviction strategies which are all underpinned by a long-term investment view.

UK Equities

Common sense investors committed to UK Equities

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We invest in unique blend of listed REITs, infrastructure and utilities, and provide investors with an opportunity to tap into the multi-decade megatrend opportunity of urban population growth.

Listed Real Assets

Blending the best listed Real Asset opportunities across Infrastructure, Utilities and REITs

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The Martin Currie Japan Equity strategy has a long-standing reputation for identifying and partnering with some of the fastest growing companies in Japan. The leadership duo is experienced in studious fundamental analysis and constructing concentrated portfolios – a philosophy that aligns with the long-term legacy of the strategy.

Japan Equities

Unconstrained, concentrated, quality growth solution

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Martin Currie’s specialist Asian team believe that stock-focused portfolios, driven by fundamental research, are the best way to exploit market opportunities and generate consistent outperformance. The Asia team are supported by a team of qualified accountants from a leading third-party company that specialises in providing financial analytics support services to the global capital markets industry.

Asia Equities

Seeking the Asian region's best and most sustainable businesses

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Our socially-focused impact strategy aims to positively address the problem of human inequity. We do this by investing and engaging to improve fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people.

Impact Equities

Impact focussed and actively managed strategy, investing in a concentrated, lon-only, long-term portfolio of sustainable investment

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Whether we are providing a sufficient retirement income stream, wealth accumulating portfolios with differing risk profiles, portfolios with client-specific exclusions or low carbon, we believe that flexibility is necessary to help our clients pursue their financial goals

Australia Equities

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Leading innovator of Australian Equity, Real Asset and Multi-Asset Strategies.

Our Global Emerging Markets team invests with high conviction to deliver a truly differentiated portfolio of sustainable quality growth stocks. We invest based on a disciplined, bottom-up, repeatable process, using a truly collaborative approach which we believe results in deeper insights, fewer biases and better outcomes.

Emerging Market Equities

Distinctive collaborative approach to high-conviction Emerging Markets investing

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