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Where will you findyour next read?

BestSellers (cha-ching)

The Public(sorta)

The Proswith the Public

BestSellers (cha-ching)

These are lists of popular books based on sales. Most lists show you for how long titles have been at the top of the selling charts.


Barnes & Noble

Publisher's Weekly

The New York Times

These are lists of books that have received awards and recognition. Most lists are determined by professionals with input from the public.

The Proswith the Public

Outstanding fiction for adult readers

A high school reading list for the state of Texas

Nonfiction "gems" for all ages

Outstanding audiobook for children and/or YA

An award that celebrates the best writing in the United States

These are lists of books selected by people in the public, such as publishers, celebrities, and social media.

The Public(sorta)

Lists of books and interactives organized by a range of themes, genres, and ideas provided by a publisher with librarian input

Book reviews and recommendations by readers; annual People's Choice awarded

Books selected by Oprah Winfrey with the intent to "encourage avid readers to discovernew authors and books that ignite conversation"

Each month, Reece Witherspoon selects a book with a woman at the center of the story.

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