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Intercultural group work

Work done by:Linda,nº16 e Diogo nº10


What is the farmhouse

Advantages and Disadvantages

Materials used

Parts of the farm

Video about the farm house

what is the farm house

The farm house is one of the wonderful places where you can learn many things, such as animal husbandry, corn plantations and you can also crush grapes to make wine.

In addition to doing various things, it is a place far from the city with wonderful green fields, where you can run and play.

Farmhouse usually have barns for horses, fences to the animals don't run away, a chicken coop and a cowshed, where farm materials are kept.


1. The farmhouse is located in the middle of the field, so it has several disgusting animals, such as: mosquitoes, flies, snakes...2. Greenhouses are very hot especially in the summer, because of the food that is planted there. 3. To work on the farm you have to make a sacrifice, which is waking up early...


1.One of the advantages is that we can sow seeds and have food...2.The farm will be less exposed to pollution...3. We will learn more about the animals that live there...

Materials used

One of the most used materials is the hoe, sacho or guatambu, a tool generally used in agriculture, although it is also used for other tasks, and consists of a wide, flat part, to which a handle is adapted to hold it, more or less long.


A tractor is a type of machine that exerts traction, enabling productive work to be carried out with comfort for the operator, multiplying human strength.


Stalk is a material that is used to drag the remains of plants or other things, for example, if trees leave leaves on the ground, the stem is used to drag the remains of the leaves and take them to the trash

Parts of the farm


A greenhouse is a closed space in which the artificial temperature is raised, it can be a plastic or glass metal structure. The agricultural greenhouse allows producers to diversify their crops and provides several benefits, such as reducing water consumption on the property and increasing of profits. Furthermore, when the plant is protected, it becomes more resistant, produces more, and the fruits are of better quality, increasing their market value.


The cowshed is a small house where leftover seeds and corn to feed to the chickens are kept and materials and the tractor are also kept.


O espigueiro uma das coisas mais importantes para a quinta, que serve para guardar o milho, semeado no verão.