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Activ ity: Vocabulary

Target 1—The student will be able to add and subtract polynomials in one or more variables(for example, x3+3x-6--2x2+x-2 =x3 +2x2 +2x -4 . Target 2—Multiply polynomials up to a binomial by a binomial (For example, 3x+25x-7=15x2-21x+10x-14=15x2-11x-14.) Target 3—Factor out a greatest common factor from an expression (for example, 6x+30=6(x+5) or 9x+312x+4=3(3x+1)4(3x+1)=34).

Operations with Polynomials Expressions

Activity: Vocabulary
The student will: Target 1—Use radian measure to describe the relationship between the length of an arc of a circle and the circle’s radius (for example, use the properties of similarity to show that the ratio of an arc of a circle intercepted by a given angle to the circle’s radius is constant across all circles, and calculate an arc length expressing the solution using radians). Target 2—Derive and use the formula for the area of a sector (for example, identify the area of a sector as proportional to the area of the entire circle and use that proportion to derive the formula for the area of a sector from the formula for the area of a circle as well as find sector areas in real world problems).

Proportions of Circles