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Hello, I'm Francisco René Gutiérrez Arrieta. When I remember my high school years in Valledupar Cesar, at Valle Mesa School, I always remember all the adventures I had at that time. He was very shy and had few friends, but the truth was always there. I liked to play soccer after school with friends who were always there. We would go to a field near the house to play. I didn't like having many friends, the ones I had were few and far between. I always liked to be busier in my free time, working in a guy's fruit shop. Likewise, I liked to dress in soft t-shirts and shorts or shorts. My favorite color is blue and black, I spoke little and when I did speak it was only to distract myself in classes or because of the activities I did with my friends. I was always well-behaved; there was no mess in the classroom, and I never got into trouble

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In my community we would seek to support environmental organizations, to protect the environment. Participate in environmental cleaning activities in parks, teach the community to separate waste, such as plastic, glass, cardboard, among others. talk with friends, family and neighbors about the importance of taking care of the planet.

Be Green

Eco actions to reduce our environmental impact. In a world increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our planet, these activities invite us to take action and improve. *Reducing our environmental impact is an individual and collective responsibility that requires changes in our habits and decisions we can make. we can be more ecological *Reducing energy consumption *Turning off lights and equipment when we are not using them. *Disconnect cell phone chargers and other devices. *Opt for energy-saving light bulbs. Take advantage of natural light during the day *Saving water: *Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving. *Repair water leaks at home. Reuse washing machine water to clean roofs or patios. *recycle: *Reuse cloth bags *correctly separate waste for recycling. By not throwing garbage in the streets or in arches, we would improve air quality and keep our cities clean of pollution.

Cristian Ortega

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Interview with Cristian Ortega Colombian cyclist, born in Barranquilla, is a young cyclist who has experienced a meteoric rise in this sport. At 23 years old, he has already achieved important achievements at the national and international level, including World Champion of the Track Cycling Nations Cup 2022 Gold Medal in the Keirin of the 2023 National Games Bronze Medal in the Keirin of the World Championships Track Cycling 2023 Interview. Questions:1. How do you start cycling? How were your beginnings in cycling? What motivated you to dedicate yourself to this sport? What were your first achievements as a cyclist? How was your promotion at the national and international level? How do you describe your path to the elite of Colombian cycling? What were the main challenges you faced on your way to promotion? What people or events were key in your development as a cyclist?