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Invention Journal 6/7

Ethan Tompkins Veteran Homlessness


My Research Esssay Topic: Veteran Homelessness

Veteran Homelessness is something that can be easily overlooked. Our veterans give their time and lives to protect our freedoms and rights. What do they get when they come home? sleeping in a park, living out of a tent? Helping these men and women is what I want to see the government try to accomplish.

Essay Question: How can the United States reduce the amount of homeless veterans

The United States has one of the biggest militaries in the world, yet when some of these veterans come home the life they live is harsh. The amount of homeless veterans today is lower but the number is still significantly high enough to cause a disturbance to others.


There has been a lot of research that has gone into finding the information for veteran homelessness. I used governement websites to find information as well as using the digital library from Stark State College. The search for the Academic journals allowed to find valuable information. Youtube has also provided information of what homeless veterans experience and how they are trying to help them.

Journal #2

Journal #1

Digital Library

Utilizing the academic search from the Stark State digital library helped secure some information and statistics about the veterans. Academic journal #2 talks about the department of housing veteran assistance being one of the biggest influences for the PSH(Permanent Supportive Housing). I plan are incorporating this information into my essay.

President Biden Fact Sheet

During the research process, Whitehouse.gov had a fact sheet that was given by President Biden and Vice President Harris. It providede insight that some may not see, also it did address the issues of homeless veterans and gave insight on the plan to start reducing the amount of homeless veterans. I plan on using this to show the current issues that are being adressed by the government and their ideas on how to handle this situation to get veterans help.

Youtube Video

ABC news constructed a story of veterans that are homeless in California. During the story they had interviewed homeless veterans who had voiced their concern with being homeless. It did show that the Veteran affairs in the part of California was taking an older building and fixing it up to allow some hosuing for homeless veterans. I plan on using this video to demonstrate what the veterans affair can offer to the homeless veterans who need the most help.

How to approach veteran homelessness and reduce it in the future

Veteran homelessness has been an on going issue for many years now. The war that really began the veteran homlessness was the vietnam war. After veterans came home, the war was so rough that it gave a lot of veterans mental health issues, which later lead to more issues. The veterans would struggle to find footing leading them to living on the streets after serving the country. As of today, there are programs that are working to help veterans get their footing after they are done serving. One of the biggest influences is the VA(veteran affairs) who do a lot to help these men and women. The government is starting to see the impacts that are made on these men and women, doing what they can to make veterans feel like they are not being forgotten about and getting the help they deserve.

Future Writers

There are endless opportunities to write great research papers. My first advice would be to discuss a topic that interest you but also challenges your skill at the same time. My second piece of advice would be to use all the sources that are given to you. Using what the professor offers is going to lead you down a path to have a sucessful paper. My third piece of advice would be to go through your sources and take notes while reading or listening to the source. Making notes of the important information will allow you to easily use the research in your essay and have a good idea how you would like to use that information. Lastly, I would be very thoughtful in the way you decide to write the paper and use the information. Make sure that everything you do, you do it with a purpose and it'll allow you to have great opportunities to write a excellent paper.

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