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Behavet is the largest behaviour referral clinic in the UK

  • Team of over 10 clinicians. Veterinary professionals all having gone through a rigorous behaviour education and practical training programme and all with, or working towards, further education including PgCert, Diploma, MSc.
  • Guaranteed <2 week wait times on referrals. The sooner we see your client, the sooner we can get them results so we make sure there are no obstacles.

Behaviour success for clients

  • All carried out remotely through Zoom as we discovered our online clients were achieving better as no travel obstacles or stress for the patient
  • Rated Excellent by clients on Trustpilot, we currently see canine and feline cases and see over 400 cases every single month referred by over 200 vet practices.

- Consultation recording- Practical video demonstrations of all strategies discussed & PDF downloads

How it works for clients

Our team of Veterinary Professionals work tirelessly to make sure that clients receive excellent results with their pets, and we have a very special formula which allows us to do this remotely via video

We get in touch with the owner within one working day of referral

A phone call allows us to explain the whole process and reassure your client. The client is matched with a clinician and a suitable consultation date and time is offered.

The clinician reviews the vet history and all the information submitted by the client ahead of the consultation

They can share as much as they like ahead of the consultation!

Consultation is carried out on Zoom and a bespoke behaviour plan is created

We write the referring vet a short summary of everything discussed. If medication is indicated, the referring vet dispenses on our recommendation and guidance.

Client receives post-consultation resources to support implementing the plan:

Client support does not end there

  • We tend to see clients for follow up consultation every 4-6 weeks.
  • Unlimited email support in the meantime.
  • Emergency telephone calls scheduled as needed.
  • Complimentary invitation to clinician-led monthly group drop-in sessions ("Behavet Family" Sessions) to deepen their understanding of their dog's behaviour and get questions answered.

Insured Clients


We do direct claims with Pet Plan, Kennel Club, Many Pets & Agria.

  • We reduce their fixed excess to £25
  • That's all they pay for up to one year's Behaviour Treatment (£450 for initial consultation then £380 for follow-ups), as the rest is claimed on insurance
  • Consultations covered by insurers thanks to our clinicians' credentials.
  • We handle everything in the back end for their insurance claim
  • No administration fee for direct and non-direct claims.
  • We check their policy ahead of the consultation, so no nasty surprises

A 'No Brainer' for Insured clients

Non-Insured Clients


  • We offer a number of packages
  • We also offer a number of zero-interest payment plans so that clients can make manageable regular payments
  • We can create bespoke payment options to suit every client
  • We handle everything in the back end for their insurance claim
  • Once you refer the case, we take care of everything from that point onwards.
  • Our experienced client care team call the client, discuss their individual case and suggest the best option.

Behaviour transformation can be a substantial investment, but we create bespoke payment options to suit every owner

We want to make behaviour help accessible to everyone

Have case questions? Simply get in touch.

40% of cases we see we recommend some form additional testing, bringing revenue back to the practice as well as medication recommendations.

We take care of insurance admin, liaising with client for follow-up consultation and update you with short and efficient summaries.

We contact your client within one working day and schedule them in within 2 weeks of referrals (subject to client availability). No 6 month waits!

How it works for Vet Practices

Refer a case with the simple 1 minute online form

You unlock free CPD for the whole team

With every case you refer, you unlock a new struggle-specific CPD programme for your entire team to build a library of behaviour education for your team. Choose from:Dog-Dog Reactivity, Resource Guarding, Separation Anxiety, Noise Reactivity, People Reactivity, Vet Visit Challenges, And Many More..


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