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SUPER outlinebasic guide

Writting has never been so easy!

What's the outline?

The outline is a good methig to write a paragraph. This is a tool that helps the writter to break down the information of a specific topic using headings and subheadings. The outline allows the writer to get the key components by breaking down the topic.

Putting ideas together

To avoid confusion in your outline, do not forget to organize your ideas by suing romain numbers like I,II,III,IV.

Just like this!

  • I. Introduction
  • II.Main idea 1
A B...
  • III. Main idea 2
A B...
  • IV. Main idea 3
A B..
  • V. Conclusion🙃​

IV. Social Consequences A. Ideological and cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europe B. Berlin Wall and division of Germany C. Impact on daily life and society in both blocs V. Military Consequences A. Arms race and nuclear proliferation B. Proxy wars in various parts of the world C. Military alliances and security arrangements VI. ConclusionA. Summarize key consequences B. Reflect on the lasting impact of the Cold War on Europe

the consequences of the cold war in Europe


I. IntroductionA. Brief overview of the Cold War in Europe II. Political Consequences A. Division of Europe into two ideological blocs B. Rise of the Soviet Union as a superpower C. Establishment of NATO and the Warsaw Pact III. Economic Consequences A. Economic stagnation in Eastern Europe under Soviet influence B. Marshall Plan and economic recovery in Western Europe