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1923: bankruptcy and Disney went to Hollywood, and got a contract with Universal

His first short film: Alice's Wonderland (1923)

Walt Disney's first compagny : Laugh-o-grams (1921)

Chapter 1: First Steps

First Feature film: Snow white ( 1934-1937)1.5 million $ (the most expensive movie at the time)
1928: Creation of Mickey Mouse and The walt Disney Bros Compagny. Apparition of the first sound in cartoons

Created Alice's Wonderland series and Oswald the lucky rabbit ( 1927)He was dismissed by Universal and the studio keept the royalties in 1928

After the success of Snow White , Disney did many other cult movies : Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in wonderland, Lady and the Tramp .... The compagny Achieve his paroxysm.1955: First Disney Land in California1966: Marry Poppins in live-action technique December 1966: Death of Walt Disney

Chapter 2: The Golden Age (50's)

-After 1966, Many Commercial failure : the fox and the hound, Aristocats -1980's new direction and animators ( little mermaid, Beauty and the beast,Aladdin notably) -1994: Biggest sucess of Disney: The Lion King in CGI (computer-generated imagery)- Pocahontas, Toy Story, Hercule, Mulan, Tarzan, ...

Chapter 3: The dormant phase and the Reveval

Disney is an Empire Production, piloty Pixars, Marvels Studio, redistribution plateforms: Disney + and many Disney Land Soul, Elementary and Encanto Directed by Robert Iger since 2022

chapter 4: Today

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