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The pilar basilica

It is located in Zaragoza on the banks of the Ebro River Origins: There is evidence that there was a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the ninth century on the site where the Basilica currently stands. History and Legend: According to an ancient tradition, the basilica was built in the same place where the Virgin Mary appeared to the apostle Santiago while he was preaching on the banks of the Ebro River.

Architecture: The Basilica del Pilar is a magnificent example of the Baroque style. Its façade and domes are impressive, and its interior houses artistic treasures, such as the Main Altarpiece and Goya's Chapels. In addition, you can go up to the tower in an elevator for spectacular views.

Seo cathedral

La Seo de San Salvador, also known as La Seo, is a cathedral located in the Plaza del Pilar.Origins: In 1118, after the conquest of Zaragoza by King Alfonso I the Battler, the old mosque of Saraqusta became the new cathedral of the city.Romanesque style: In 1166, under the orders of Bishop Torroja, a Romanesque temple was built.

Gothic style: In the thirteenth century, work began to replace the Romanesque temple with a Gothic one. Elements such as the High Altar in polychrome alabaster stand out. Center of Power: In addition to its religious function, La Seo was a representative power. It was there that the kings of Aragon were crowned. Aragonese Art: La Seo is a conglomerate of artistic styles that trace the history of the Kingdom of Aragon. From Romanesque to Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical.


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It is very pretty and I recommend you to go.

Pilar basilica

It is spectacular and has a lot of history.

Seo Cathedral