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A perfect day

Vasco Ribeiro de Castro Nº25 6ºA




I wake up at 8:00 and then I get up to have a shower.At 8:20 I go downstairs to have breakfast.Today it's pancakes with chocolate syrup.I brush my teeth and then at 8:40 I go to school.

Morning in school

I arrive at school at 8:50 and at 9:00 classes start.Today it's the perfect day, I have 2 hours of PE and after that I have 1 hour of break. When the hour passes I go to last two lessons of the day that are English and Music.

End of the school day

Well the school day is over but the day isn't because in the evening I have football practice.


When practice ends at 20:30 I go home and have dinner.I watch some TV and then at 22:40 I go to bed.It's been a exhausting day and I can't wait to get some sleep.See you tomorrow. Bye!

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Picture 3- https://br.freepik.com/vetores-gratis/extremidade-plana-da-ilustracao-da-escola_26334924.htm#fromView=search&page=1&position=22&uuid=8f3b3909-6f70-49df-b5c1-de6119c65478


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