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Developed by Hattori Studios: Senpōu - is a open world stealth action-rpg set in feudal Japan Iga Province.



open world stealth action-rpg set in feudal Japan Iga Province



Hattori Studios (Japanese: 服部スタジオ) is a Japanese video game developer, founded in 2020 and is best known for its upcoming action/stealth open world title “Senpōu”.

Developed by Hattori Studios



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As a new recruit in the Hattori Ninja Clan, the protagonist is sent to assassinate those who are assisting the country of Ogawara, including army generals and spies who have infiltrated the Hattori Clan, as well as recover stolen items and rescue prisoners

Ninja Clans

you will have a squad of ninja all from your clan. You will have a set of orders used to command your squad at all times.

JRPG Action

open world stealth action-jrpg set in feudal Japan Iga Province, where the Hattori Ninja Clan reside under the service of Lord Hanzo, is on the brink of war with the neighboring country of Ogawara.

Open World

Players will customize their own character and unlock new skills, items and clothing as the game progresses.

Character Custimization

open world stealth action reimagined